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TPR Handle Knives

DK9 - TPR Handle

RRP: $69.90

Blade length: 9 inches

Handles for these knives are molded from TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) to provide strength, durability and non slip grip.

Blades are manufactured from high quality Steel which is better able to withstand shocks and stresses more than carbon steels. The high chrome molybdenum content gives enhanced protection against corrosion and improves cutting qualities by reducing friction.

The steel composition is as follows.

C.27, SI.180, MN .150, P.019, S.003, CR13.03, NI.070

All sheaths are made from pro poly prop webbing and have a polyethylene knife insert and are stitched with rot proof materials.

All knives are supplied with a webbing sheath.

       Please do not place any of our knives through a dishwasher cycle.