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Duel Knives have a knife to suit your needs.

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Duel Knives are
manufacturers of high
quality, hand crafted knives.

All knives are finished to the highest international standard by professional craftsmen. Whether for Hunting, Fishing, Industry, Chef and Kitchen, or Craftwork - Duel Knives have a knife to suit your needs. Our knives are used by professional hunters and fishermen who demand the best that money can buy.

Steel is the heart of a knife, and anyone can argue about what makes the finest knife steel. So much time is spent by knife makers experimenting and trying new alloys, you’d think they were making gold from bats wings and lead like ancient alchemists. The longer one argues over the merits of different steels the more confusing it becomes. It should be accepted that any cutler worth his or her salt would use the finest steels available, and what you are offered is one knife maker’s concept of what will give you the finest cutting edge possible…